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1. What does KFC stand for?

Kentucky Fried Chicken.

2. Is KFC an American Company?

KFC is an American brand. The local franchisee/investment and management is Pakistani.

3. Which company operates KFC in Pakistan?

Cupola Pakistan Ltd (CPL) owns and operates KFC in Pakistan.

4. What does KFC’s Colonel stand for?

He was the founder of KFC concept and now only his visual image is associated with KFC. He was an American who died in 1980.

5. Does KFC sell 100% Halal chicken?

Yes, all KFC products are made using Halal ingredients and methods.

6. Does KFC buy Chicken from Pakistan?

Yes from local suppliers and thus promoters the local poultry industry.

7. Does KFC buy all its supplies from Pakistan?

Over 95% of our items are locally produced. KFC Pakistan. has helped develop the local economy from restaurant construction to pap packaging. Important items produced and bought locally include poultry products, cooking oil, bakery products and raw materials.

8. How is KFC Pakistan promoting the local economy?

  • Employing over 1200 people in various capacities and thus providing them with the livelihood. If each person directly or indirectly contributes to support 05 family members, the total number of depending on KFC is 6000 souls; this is other than the suppliers associated withKFC Pakistan.

  • Promoting the local supplier industry (construction related, paper and packaging, cooking oil, machinery, poultry products, bakery and confectionary items).

  • Sales tax of 17% in being paid to the government by 4 KFC restaurants in Islamabad and Peshawar. Whereas16% tax is being paid by the rest of the restaurants as per the government rules.

  • Corporate and individual Income tax is also being looked after.

  • Withholding tax on all payments made to the suppliers, making them a part of the documented economy.

  • Payment to local Government departments for licenses and taxes.

  • Foreign investment coming into Pakistan.

9. Has KFC contributed in improving the standards of Restaurant business in Pakistan?

KFC Pakistan. has contributed in providing Halal and Hygienic products to its customers and managed this through proper training of its human resources. By creating competitive level for others, KFC.has helped in improving the overall industry standards.

10. What has KFC Pakistan done for children?

It provides a family like environment where children can also come with their families or alone and enjoy the healthy and hygienic food. Play areas are also provided for enjoyment.
KFC Pakistan. team makes frequent school visit and educates the children about different social issues.
KFC Pakistan. also designs programs especially for children in order to involve them in healthy activities. (Kiddy Fun Camp as an example)

11. Does KFC Pakistan support and social concerns?

KFC Pakistan. actively participates in social concerns like protecting the environment (Faryad as an Example). It also supports various social organizations like “Care and Kindness Society” and visits handicapped children (SOS and Fountain House) on occasions.
KFC also contributes a generous amount to celebrate the national occasions by sponsoring events arranged by the Government.


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