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About Us1

Food, fun & Festivity, this is what KFC is all leading the market since its inception, KFC provides the ultimate chicken meals for a chicken loving nation. Be it colonel sanders secret original recipe chicken or the hot & spicy version, every bite brings a yum on our face. At KFC we can proudly say, “We do chicken right”.

Perfecting its secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices in 1939, KFC has come a long way. With over 10,000 outlets in the world, KFC has maintained its title, for the last 60 years, of being the chicken Experts. Opening the first KFC outlet in Gulshan-e- Iqbal in 1997. KFC wore the title of being the market leader in its industry. Serving delicious and hygienic food in a relaxing environment made KFC everyone’s favorite. Since then, KFC has been constantly introducing new products and opening new restaurants for its customers.

Presently KFC is branched out in eighteen major cities of Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sukkur & Murree) with more than 80 outlets nationwide.


Apart from fulfilling our commitment to serving delicious, fresh and hygienic food and at the same time providing our customer with the ultimate entertainment; KFC also plays in the economics development of our country.

Presently KFC has provided to over 1200 Pakistanis, which adds up to 6000 individuals directly dependent in KFC Pakistan.

The Government of Pakistan receives over Rs.10 million per month from KFC Pakistan as direct taxes.

95% of all food and packing material used in KFC Pakistan is procured locally, which sums up to a purchase of over Rs.35 million per month.

Each new outlet developed by KFC Pakistan costs approximately Rs.40 million, which is a huge amount for our construction industry.

KFC and Pakistan…Growing Together